CKO Co Consulting: Where Finance Fuels Your Growth

CKO Co Consulting isn't just about numbers. It's about turning data into decisions that drive your business forward.

Meet Cade O'Neill, the financial mastermind behind it all. With a diverse background spanning corporate accounting, public practice, and outsourced management, Cade has seen the financial landscape from every angle. He's been the auditor and the auditee, the number cruncher and the strategic advisor, navigating the complexities of various industries and guiding companies through every stage of their financial journey.

Cade's passion? Helping businesses unlock their full potential through data-driven insights and practical solutions.

Here's what CKO Co Consulting brings to the table:


    • Deep financial expertise: From fundraising and transition planning to model development and process optimization, Cade has the knowledge and experience to tackle any financial challenge.


    • A holistic perspective: CKO Co Consulting doesn't just focus on the numbers; it considers the bigger picture, understanding how your finances impact your entire business ecosystem.


    • Tailored solutions: No cookie-cutter approaches here. CKO Co Consulting crafts customized strategies to meet your unique needs and goals.


    • Proven track record: Over $400M in fundraising success, seamless transitions to in-house accounting, and countless empowered teams speak volumes about Cade's ability to deliver results.


    • Unwavering commitment to your success: CKO Co Consulting doesn't just consult, it partners with you. You'll have a trusted advisor by your side, every step of the way.


CKO Co Consulting is more than just a financial consulting firm. It's your partner in growth. We'll help you turn your financial data into actionable insights, optimize your operations, and make confident decisions that propel your business to new heights.

Ready to unlock your financial potential? Contact CKO Co Consulting today and let's start building a brighter financial future for your business.